Our scientists took part in "Physiotherapy UK 2017 " in Birmingham, Great Britain

The experience of the International Clinic for Rehabilitation in creation and implementation of rehabilitation computer games was presented at the annual conference of the National Association of Physiotherapists in UK on November 10-11, 2017 in Birmingham, www.physiotherapyuk.org.uk

Oleh Kachmar and our poster "Stepping games for motor training"

The National Union of Physiotherapists has a glorious history. It was founded by four medical sisters in 1894, and in 1920 was officially recognized as a society of massage and therapeutic gymnastics and since has been successfully developing.

More than 800 participants from 13 countries participated in a two-day scientific forum. The lively interest of the participants of the meeting caused the poster presentation "Stepping games in the rehabilitation of patients with motor lesions", which was presented by
Oleh Kachmar, head of innovative technologies department of International Clinic of Rehabilitation.

The conference program can be found by following this link: