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Research Projects

hand function research
Effect of the Intensive neurophysiological Rehabilitation System on hand function of cerebral palsy patients

Impairment of hand function are common in cerebral palsy patients. They cause limitations of child’s everyday activities and force parents to seek for treatment. That is why scientific group of International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation started a...

Influence of Spinal Manipulation on Muscle Spasticity

The aim of the current study is to evaluate an influence of the Spinal Manipulation on muscles spasticity and manual dexterity of patients with Cerebral Palsy.


Muscle spasticity was measured quantitatively in 29 patients with CP before treatment,...

Horizon 2020
GABLE – GAmification for Better LifE


Investigation for development of the rehabilitation computer games for the children with cerebral palsy was awarded with the grant by European Commission within Framework Programmes "Horizon 2020".

Humanoid Social Robots in Rehabilitation

To increase the interest of a child in motor training we have tried to use a humanoid social robot that acts like a coach to encourage the patient.

"GAME-ABLING" - research project of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union

Research project «GAME-ABLING», a Platform of games for people with cerebral palsy to enhance living adjustments officially started in December 2012.

Coordinator of the project is a Catalonian research innovation center Cric (,...