Congratulations on Volodymyr Kozyavkin 70th birthday!

Congratulations on Volodymyr Kozyavkin 70th birthday!

People say that a man’s destiny is determined at birth. Exactly 70 years ago today, in the picturesque village of Ostrozhets in Rivne Region, a child came into this world, a child that would grow up to become the man destined to accomplish an extremely important mission – save children and make their dream of a healthy and full future come true.

Congratulations on Volodymyr Kozyavkin 70th birthday

Growing up, the future professor was drawn to the medicine field. Cherishing the dream of helping others, young Volodymyr enrolled at the medical faculty of the Grodno Medical Institute. After graduation in 1971, the young doctor clearly understood his true calling in the field of medicine – manual therapy. By the time the young specialist was ready to defend his post-graduate and doctoral theses, the reputation of Volodymyr Illich Kozyavkin had spread widely among parents of children with cerebral palsy as the name of a genuine magician, a man who could work wonders with his own hands. Desperate parents, who looked to Professor Kozyavkin as their last hope to give their kids the chance to grow and develop, flocked to seek advice from the famous doctor. Improving his skills daily and working closely with leading medical institutions, Dr. Volodymyr Kozyavkin performed real miracles: signs of recovery were visible in almost all his young patients after several rehabilitation courses. As the number of patients waiting to be treated by the author of this revolutionary method increased dramatically, Professor Kozyavkin chose to expand the rehabilitation institutions where his technique was used.

For patients and their parents, Dr. Kozyavkin is much more than the Man with golden hands, while for the medical team that accompanies and follows him, he has become a source of inspiration, a mentor, and an authority. He has gained respect and honours not because of his many state awards, prizes and degrees, but his sensitive heart, sincere soul, honesty, professionalism, humanity have contributed to creating a healthy setting among all the members of our team and a sense of involvement of each of us in these small daily miracles performed by the Great Man. Dear Volodymyr Illich! We sincerely wish you good health, peace, harmony, respect and prosperity in your home! Let every day be filled with soulful inspiration and good humour to lead you towards further success! Happy birthday, dear Friend and Teacher!

The staff of the International Clinic of Rehabilitation, the Rehabilitation Centre Elita and the International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation