Support of treatment in Cyprus by the charity funds

The rehabilitation program according to the Kozyavkin method in Cyprus gets wider international support.

For more than 20 years the famous German charity fund Fred und Carla Lottberg Stiftung have been supporting the rehabilitation of patients with...

Hydro-kinesiotherapy in rehabilitation of movement disorders

The basis of the rehabilitation by prof. Kozyavkin Method is multimodal approach using diverse methods. Its main component is a biomechanical correction of the spine and large joints in combination with a set of treatment therapies.

Visit of the Clinic delegation to Ankara (Turkey)

First International Summit took place in Ankara on June 5-6, 2015.

Representatives of 100 medical business delegations from 10 Balkan and Russian-speaking countries took part in this event by the assistance of the Turkish Association of Medical...

27th Conference of European Academy of Childhood Disability

27th Annual Conference of the European Academy of Childhood Disability took place on May 27-30, 2015 in Copenhagen. The motto of the conference: New ways - New moves. About 600 participants from all European countries and from other continents took...