Cerebral Palsy. Medical-psychological problems.

Cerebral Palsy. Medical-psychological problems.

This monography describes the basics of mental sphere disturbances in children with Cerebral Palsy and known psychopathological syndromes.


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Cerebral Palsy. Medical-psychological problems.

The detailed medical-psychological characteristics of disturbances in person, intelligence, speech and other mental functions are given. Discovered are the social-psychological problems of the family with a disabled child. The main principles of Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (INRS) for patients with Cerebral Palsy developed by V.I.Kozyavkin are presented. Effects of application of INRS in connection with influences on the mental health of children and their social-psychological adaptation are studied.

The monography is intended for a wide range of specialists: neurologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, specialists in the field of rehabilitative medicine, medical and pediatric psychologists, logopedists, teachers, social workers, and students of high schools and post-graduate programs of the appropriate specialities.

ISBN 966-7292-41-X

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