Rehabilitation stepping games - Kozyavkin Method

Rehabilitation stepping games

Development of effective and high-quality gait is an important task in the rehabilitation of patients with movement disorders, as gait is an important prerequisite for successful social adaptation. To form and improve step movements, our specialists use 2 types of step rehabilitation games: specially designed games using a dance mat and games on the Nintendo Wii balancing board.

Stepping games with Dance Mat

Our team has developed special rehabilitation games that use the Dance Mat. They are available through a virtual rehabilitation game center at

Dance Mat is a game controller in the form of a rug divided into 9 sectors with a touch sensor in each of them. To control the game, you must step forward, backward or sideways to the appropriate sector. These games are designed for patients with movement disorders to help them in improvement of step movements, balance, speed of motor reaction and cognitive abilities. It is important that each game can be individually adjusted and customized according to the level of motor development of the patient.

To improve the step movements, a number of games have been developed: "Star Wars", "Yellow Submarine", "Simple Figures", "Transport", "Catch a Butterfly", "Happy Farmer".

Among the games there is also a diagnostic game "Step Test", which allows to determine the speed of motor reaction and performance of step movements with each foot. It is an important diagnostic component that help to adjust individually the parameters of the complexity of other games.

To maintain the achieved effect of an intensive rehabilitation course, it is important to continue classes at home. That is why all our patients have free access to the virtual rehabilitation system on the site

Games with the balance board Nintendo Wii

Games on a balance board with a game console by the Nintendo Wii, that help improve step movements, are also used in our centers.

The balance board has pressure sensors in the legs and determines the movement of the center of the gravity of the body. Information about movements is passed from the board to the console and is projected onto the plot and characters of the game, allowing the player to control the game with step movements.

Examples of movements in such games are stepping on the spot, rising and lowering on the board (imitation of walking up the stairs) and running. Step movements in a limited area (within the board) improve balance while walking.

The plots of the games include cycling, overcoming obstacles, dancing.