Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (INRS) - Kozyavkin Method

Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (INRS)

The Professor Kozyavkin Method (Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System) is a medical technology for treating patients with different neurological disorders, including cerebral palsy, scoliosis, sequelae of cerebrovascular disease, craniocerebral trauma, motor developmental delay in children, etc. 

This system of rehabilitation was developed by a Ukrainian Academic, Professor Volodymyr Kozyavkin in late 1980`s. Since then more than 70,000 patients from 60 different countries, including about 20,000 patients from Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Kuwait, UAE and France completed treatment using the INRS.

In addition to the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy, we use the Professor Kozyavkin Method a wide range of diseases, a list of which you can find by following the link below.

Indications and Contraindications

The treatment system is based on a comprehensive approach using a variety of methods of influencing the patient. The main component of the method is biomechanical correction of the spine and large joints, in combination with a set of therapeutic measures: reflexotherapy, special massage system, physical therapy, limb joint mobilization, mechanotherapy, apitherapy and others.

The INRS components

Rehabilitation is aimed at stimulating the compensatory capabilities of the child's body and activating the plasticity of the brain. By normalizing the muscle tone, restoring joint mobility, improving trophism and blood circulation, we may observe a great new stimulus for body development, acquisition of new motor stereotypes. Patients become more independent in daily life and, consequently, significantly improves their social adaptation.

You may read more about Professor Kozyavkin Method (INRS) in the book "Kozyavkin Method - System of Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation".

The method is adapted for different groups of patients and allocated to a number of separate rehabilitation programs:

In Ukraine there are 2 medical centers that use INRS: Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets and Elita Rehabilitation Center in Lviv. We also offer treatment in International clinic of medical rehabilitation in Cyprus.

Elita Rehabilitation Center in Lviv

The medical center in Truskavets

Quality control and efficiency of rehabilitation is one of the most important tasks for us, because the patient's results largely depend on it. Detailed documentation of patient rehabilitation allows us to see the progress and path of each individual patient, but in order to see the bigger "picture" we have conducted a large-scale research involving more than 4,000 patients and 12 000 courses. The results of study you may find by following this link.

It should also be noted that back in 1993 the Method was officially recognized in Ukraine, and in 1997 INRS was included in the encyclopedic edition of pediatric orthopedics edited by German prof. Niethard, as one of the 4 most effective conservative methods of cerebral palsy rehabilitation.

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