Gina Mirabella

Gina Mirabella

1st treatment course

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This is my daughter, Gina age 7 this was our first visit to the Center. Gina has a rare genetic syndrome called, Smith-Lemli-Opitz. Due to this syndrome Gina is faced with many challenges. We came to Ukraine in hopes to improve Gina's quality of life by receiving help from Professor Koziavkin and the wonderful doctors and therapists here at the INRC.

We are very pleased to report our experiences. On day one of treatment we noticed that Gina's circulation had improved greatly! Gina's facial tone improved each day of treatment. Gina is more alert, appears more relaxed, and is more aware of her surroundings. Her eyes and hands are are able to open wider. Her movements are greater,eye contact is better, and her response time is quicker. Gina is now able (day 11 of treatment)to accept new textures of foods and CHEW soft foods!

This is a great improvement! Before treatment Gina only ate pureed foods. We are very impressed with the changes in Gina and are very grateful to the whole team here at the Koziavkin Center, and are very proud of our daughter Gina! We will look to return to the Center in the near future. Thank you to all the helpful, caring and dedicated members here at the INRC.