Vladyslav and Sviatoslav Polischuk

Vladyslav and Sviatoslav Polischuk

2nd treatment course

[Translate to Українська:] Vladyslav and Sviatoslav

[Translate to Українська:] Sviatoslav(on the left) and Vladyslav(on the right) with mother

I arrived for treatment with two sons - VladyslavandSviatoslav. During the treatment, we had different positive results: reduced muscle tone, improved posture, better walk. Vladyslav more often and better steps on the left foot, higher raises the knee, keeps better balance. He became more active, communicative, improved self-service.

Sviatoslav came here for the second time. After the treatment I can notice next improvements: up to 70 steps without assistance, eatsmore accurately and quickly (without assistance), easier dresses himself and also can get up from the floor using his hands. Sviatoslav became more active, enduring, independent and communicative.

We are very pleased with the results of treatment. We are grateful for the good attitude of the clinic staff, tasty foodand cleanness. Special thanks to the director of the clinic prof. Kozyavkin. We hope to come here for treatment in future.