Education and Certification Centre - Kozyavkin Method

Education and Certification Centre

The uniqueness of the Professor Kozyavkin Method has made it considerably popular not only among patients, but has also revealed an important number of people who want to apply this method in their practice. Therefore, we have decided to create a training centre where interested doctors could take special training courses and have the opportunity to use the Professor Kozyavkin Method in their professional activity.

The training course for medical professionals in our centre comprises several features, namely:

- The training course may be offered either in remote mode or on site, including theoretical and practical components, on the premises of the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets, Ukraine.

- For foreigners who do not speak Ukrainian, instruction will be provided in English.

- Courses are held several times a year, but it is possible to arrange special training sessions (in the case of new cooperation projects).

- Students attending the course, which corresponds to an established educational qualification level, will receive a personal certificate, and their personal data will be entered into the integrated register of medical professionals certified in the Professor Kozyavkin Method.

Certified professionals may professionally administer the Professor Kozyavkin Method exclusively in accredited medical institutions.

More detailed information on special training courses on the Professor Kozyavkin Method you may find on the official website of Education & Certification Center:

All interested persons who wish to take a training course and obtain the opportunity to work in one of our accredited medical institutions can contact us by calling on +38(03247)65200 or send an email to