12th Ukrainian-Bavarian Symposium

12th Ukrainian-Bavarian Symposium

The 12th Ukrainian-Bavarian Symposium "Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children" was held in Kropyvnytsky on September 20 – 22, 2018.

Taras Voloshyn reporting on his topic

This event is an international gathering of paediatric doctors, social paediatricians, special educators, psychologists and speech therapists.

T. Voloshyn, member of the research team at Professor Kozyavkin’s International Clinic of Rehabilitation delivered two reports: Relevant Challenges of Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Children with Chronic Neurological Diseases and Clinical and Psychological Peculiarities of Children with Autism and Their Dynamics during Rehabilitation (INRS).

The purpose of the 12th Ukrainian-Bavarian Symposium was to draw the attention of public authorities and society to medical and social rehabilitation and to improving the quality of life of disabled children and their families.