I.L.L.V Medical Projects visits Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets

I.L.L.V Medical Projects visits Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets


KMG and I.L.L.V. Medical Projects photo at KIRC

Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic was honored to host a delegation from I.L.L.V. Medical Projects Ltd., Ukrainian House in Lithuania, on March 29th, 2023. The visit aimed to explore best practices in the rehabilitation industry and exchange experiences in this field.

The delegation visiting the Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets included:

  • Mykola Dziadzin, director of Ukrainos Namai Lietuvoje;
  • Oleksandr Tsvetkov, head of Aktualios biotechnologijos UAB;
  • Arie Rivosh, President & CEO at I.L.L.V Medical Projects Ltd.;
  • Roman Kozlov, partner of I.L.L.V Medical Projects Ltd. and head of the Eastern European Bureau;
  • Ahuva Rivosh, lawyer at I.L.L.V. Medical Projects Ltd.


During the visit, the delegation had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Nataliya Kozyavkina, director of Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic, Dr. Yanina Kozyavkina, the president of KMG, and Andriy Kulchynskyi, the city mayor of Truskavets.

The delegation was given a tour of the clinic, where they were shown how the rehabilitation process is organized for patients with various neurological disorders, diseases, and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

I.L.L.V Medical Projects Ltd. is planning to build a large rehabilitation center for individuals who were injured or suffered from war in Ukraine. We are proud to be able to share our knowledge and expertise with such a distinguished delegation, and look forward to continued collaboration in the field of rehabilitation.


For information: I.L.L.V. Medical Projects Ltd. is an international company with headquarters in Israel and operations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company specializes in developing and operating medical projects, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and medical tourism facilities.