International Clinic of Rehabilitation was granted a prestigious International Quality Crown Award

International Clinic of Rehabilitation was granted a prestigious International Quality Crown Award

Professor Volodymyr Kozyavkin, founder of the International Clinic of Rehabilitation, recently received on behalf of the Clinic the prestigious Quality Award sponsored by Business Initiative Directions 2017 (BID). The founders of BID annually conduct a thorough selection of candidates, companies and organizations to reward the best of the best in the leading areas of public life.

Quality Crown Award 2017

The main task of BID is to offer recognition to the quality achievements of organizations from all over the world and to promote Quality Culture, which is determined by unique evaluation criteria adapted to the needs of different consumer markets with the involvement of BID media and communication programmes.

This year’s International BID Quality Convention was held at the conference hall of the prestigious Guoman Tower in London on November 26, where BID and BID Group One presented the International Quality Crown Award to the winners. The Convention was personally hosted by Jose E. Prieto, President and Executive Director of BID, and the leading representatives of the business community and the diplomatic corps.

The award of the International Quality Crown to the representatives of the International Clinic of Rehabilitation has once again confirmed the European level and top standards of this unique medical institution.

The Ukrainian Clinic for Rehabilitation is a unique leader in the area of rehabilitation of children with musculoskeletal disorders. The Clinic’s medical professionals are a shining example of dedication, investing both time and energy daily in order to improve the quality of integrated rehabilitation services. After the Clinic joined top business leaders on the Business Initiative Directions winner list, we will receive an additional stimulus to improve and find new ideas. There is no time to dwell on what has already been achieved, since we need to focus on the implementation of total quality management commitments in our work, which was celebrated and recognized by this year’s international Convention.

Behind the scenes of each BID Award, there is a team of professionals who strive to disseminate information about the winners and their achievements at the international level among interested persons in each particular area of public life. The Quality Award also involves the possibility of further cooperation with three organizations: BID Group One, whose mission is education in Quality Culture, Business Initiative Directions, a leader in the area of global business event management, and ImarPress, a media agency that provides media support during the BID Quality Awards ceremony. Therefore, the awards will also give the Clinic of Rehabilitation the opportunity to work closely BID’s professional multilingual team in promoting, disseminating and teaching Quality Culture, which, in turn, will create positive dynamics in our search for new rehabilitation methods for our patients.

Having received this international award, we are fully committed to implementing the principles of continuous improvement in our activities, and promoting Quality Culture in our rehabilitation centres. The International Quality Crown opens up new horizons, such as the possibility of joining a group of companies and organizations from 179 countries that embody entrepreneurial success and take lead in promoting Quality Culture in their countries.

 In light of the latest developments, we cannot but mention the global recognition of the professional excellence of Professor Volodymyr Kozyavkin and his team represented by the European Business Assembly (EBA) Best Practice Award. Only people who have achieved significant heights in their professional activities are invited to participate in this project, which recognizes and rewards the best healthcare institutions and the most successful doctors for their confirmed professional excellence that meets not only official standards but is also manifested in commitment to their patients.