International Medical Conference in Przemysl (Poland)

International Medical Conference in Przemysl (Poland)

The International Medical Conference "Society and civilization diseases, which are dangerous for children and youth" took place on November 5, 2016 in Przemysl (Poland).

Conference in Przemysl

The Conference was organized by the Foundation "Jerzyk" with the support of Jan Paczek, Przemysl Voivodeship Governor and Robert Choma, Przemysl Mayor. Thanks to Prezes Artur Cielinski, the Chairman of the Foundation, very important questions where brought up, professional lecturers were gathered and the Conference was held at a high organizational and professional level at the "Academy" hotel in Przemysl.

Professors from university clinics in Lublin and other cities in Poland as well as from Ukraine presented their lectures. The following issues were discussed: oncology and success of neoplasms treatment in children (Prof. Jerzy Kowalczyk), borreliosis in children (Bozena Muraszynska, PhD), rehabilitation system of children in Ukraine according to Prof. Kozyavkin method (Halyna Lun, PhD), anorexia and malnutrition treatment (Prof. Iwona Ben-Skowronek), problems of suicide and self-hurting prevention in children and youth (Dr. Ireneusz Jelonek) and autism (Prof. Krystuna Mitosek-Szewczuk).

In the conference work and discussions took part over 100 medical professionals in different specialties: neurologists, oncologists, pediatricians, physical therapists, surgeons, rehabilitators and nurses, massage therapists and other concerned persons. They had opportunity to learn important new approaches to the treatment of such dangerous diseases for society, children and youth, and apply it in their work for prevention.

During the conference, the high urgency of the issues discussed and audience interest in helping children and youth has been recognized, the knowledge and experience exchange took place as well as discussion on further cooperation.