Online appointments for patients

Online appointments for patients

For convenience of our patients, we provide a unique opportunity for free to receive a doctor's consultation online, without leaving your home.


Online appointments

When getting acquainted with the Professor Kozyavkin Method  and deciding to apply the Method to their child, the parents of patients have many different questions about the Method itself and its effectiveness, and a doctor's consultation is required.

Who needs a free online pre-consultation?
▪️ Patients who are interested in the Professor Kozyavkin Method, and who plans to take a course on this technique;
▪️ To obtain a "second opinion" - the assessment by experts of the Kozyavkin clinic of the results of the studies prescribed at the previous doctor's appointment (based on the analyzes performed, additional studies carried out);
▪️ If it is necessary to receive recommendations from the clinic's experts on the necessary (pre) examinations, the choice of rehabilitation methods, the need for consultations from other specialists, etc.

It is important to understand that during such a consultation, the doctor will not be able to make a diagnosis, but will only provide recommendations and advice on how best to act in case of certain complaints.
These free online consultations are designed only for patients who come to our rehabilitation center for the first time.

How to sign up for a FREE online consultation:
▪️ Go to the link: (clinic in Truskavets, Ukraine) (clinic in Lviv, Ukraine)

▪️ Select the appropriate doctor
▪️ Choose the date of the consultation and fill out the registration form
▪️ Expect a letter with a link to the consultation.

Please note that to access the consultation, you need to have Zoom software installed on your phone or PC.