Highlights from the Third National Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 2023

Highlights from the Third National Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 2023


Conference hall of the Rehabilitation Congress

On December 7-8, 2023, the Third National Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine was held in Lviv. This year's theme focused on 'Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Ukraine amid a Large-Scale War.' The Congress's agenda spanned a broad spectrum of topics. It included plenary sessions and workshops dedicated to the organization and practical aspects of rehabilitation for war casualties, discussions on the integration of international rehabilitation standards within Ukraine, and a series of scientific and practical presentations covering various rehabilitation areas, such as neurorehabilitation, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, and psychotherapy.

nataliya kozyavkina during her speech

Notably, the congress featured speakers from the Kozyavkin Medical Group. Among them was Natalia Kozyavkina, CEO of the Kozyavkin International Clinic, who shared insights on the application of the Kozyavkin Method in rehabilitation during wartime, focusing on both children and adults. Additionally, in the 'Rehabilitation in Pediatric Practice' section, Anna Kushnir, a senior researcher and pediatrician at the clinic, discussed evaluating children's hand function using the Abilhand-Kids questionnaire.

Table with printed materials about Kozyavkin Method and team members standing

These events highlight the resilience and ongoing progress of our country, even under challenging circumstances. This year's Congress has been a formidable platform for exchanging expertise and knowledge among professionals from across the nation and the globe. It underscores the power of collaboration in driving significant advancements in healthcare. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers and all participants for their invaluable contributions to the field of rehabilitation medicine in Ukraine!"