Effect of the Intensive neurophysiological Rehabilitation System on hand function of cerebral palsy patients

Effect of the Intensive neurophysiological Rehabilitation System on hand function of cerebral palsy patients

Impairment of hand function are common in cerebral palsy patients. They cause limitations of child’s everyday activities and force parents to seek for treatment. That is why scientific group of International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation started a trial, which aims to study the influence of SINR on hand function of cerebral palsy patients.

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Our previous research shows increase of grip strength and manual dexterity in a group of children with cerebral palsy after the course of SINR. During the new trial the influence of SINR on the components of child hand function will be studied more thoroughly. In addition to manual dexterity and grip strength, we will collect the data about difficulty of everyday activities, accomplished with one hand and two hands.  

Approximately 50 patients of the clinic are expected to participate in the trial. The examination will be held at the beginning and in the end of the rehabilitation course and includes four components:

·         Jebsen-Taylor test – instrument to measure hand function. It includes six items, which are often used in the everyday life. The result is the time spent to accomplish with one hand the items: turning over a 3x5 inch cards, picking up small common objects, simulated feeding, stacking checkers, picking up large light cans and picking up large heavy cans. The score for every item will be compared with normative data.

·         ABILHAND-Kids questionnaire – instrument for rating the ability of child to accomplish everyday activities, which require participation of the upper extremity. The parents fill in questionnaire rating the childs ability to perform 21 item on a 4-point scale.

·         Box and Blocks test – measures the manual dexterity. The result is the number of blocks, carried by hand from one section of the box to another in one minute.

·         Hand dynamometry – a measurement of grip strength with hand-held Jamar dynamometer. The best result of three trials is recorded.

This trial is listed in the system of registration of protocols and results of clinical trials ClinicalTrials.gov – clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03454412.