Biomechanical correction of the spine

Biomechanical correction of the spine

The Intensive Rehabilitation System, developed by Prof. V.I. Kozyavkin, is based on an original method of polysegmental biomechanical correction of the spine.

Biomechanical correction of spine

It is aimed at eliminating functional blockades of vertebral motor segments and restoring normal movements of the spinal joints, which helps reduce deregulation of the nervous system at different levels of the sensory and motor systems. Spinal correction is performed after a manual diagnosis has been carried out and all the sections of the spinal column – lumbar, thoracic, and cervical – have been successively prepared.

All the blocked segments in the lumbar region are manipulated simultaneously; here, we apply our own technique – "backward rotation”. The blocked segments of the thoracic region are manipulated simultaneously by applying special impulse techniques in sequence from top to bottom while the patient exhales. Correction is applied to the cervical region through movements following a complex pattern, which has an immediate impact on blocked segments. Impulse mobilization techniques will also be used if there are any blockades in the ilio-sacral connections. At the same time, the physical therapist has the patient perform special relaxation exercises for the muscles.

Biomechanical correction of the spine and large joints constitutes a major component of our methodology; it is also combined with a complex of other therapeutic measures: reflexotherapy, remedial exercises, massage treatments, rhythmic gymnastics, mechanotherapy, and apitherapy.