Computer game-based rehabilitation - Kozyavkin Method

Computer game-based rehabilitation

Computer game-based rehabilitation is one of the components of rehabilitation program in our centers. Recovery and training of motor skills depends on neuroplasticity that is driven by repetition, intensity, motivation, and task-oriented training.


Recent experimental evidence suggests that virtual reality technologies have great potential in the neurological rehabilitation of patients suffering from movement and balance disorders.


By combining physical therapy exercise with specialized computer games, we are trying to interest the patient in proper execution of movements and keep a positive emotional background during the training. And after all, what child does not like to play computer games?


For more than twenty years, our specialists have been developing and using specialized rehabilitation computer games. The characters in these games are controlled by the child's body movements, which are tracked by the special equipment: dance mats, balance boards, consoles and cameras. While performing a certain physical therapy exercise patient simultaneously plays an interesting computer game.


We use a wide range of specialized rehabilitation games, including step games, games for balance training and games for hand training.